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Community Engagement Project: Pair Programming in K-8

For my Digital Learning Environments Community Engagement project, I chose to develop a workshop on Pair Programming in K-8 classrooms. I picked this topic because I am excited by the research behind pair programming and its potential for making students, and in particular girls, feel more engaged and confident in computer science classes. Pair programming … Continue reading "Community Engagement Project: Pair Programming in K-8"

Accessible & Adaptable Computer Science Instruction

As Computer Science is incorporated into K-8 instruction, teachers must adapt lessons to make them accessible to students with a broad range of physical, learning and neurological abilities. In the current module of our class, “Digital Learning Environments,” I wanted to examine how the ISTE Standard for Coaches 3, indicator d, “Select, evaluate, and facilitate … Continue reading "Accessible & Adaptable Computer Science Instruction"

Social Coding: Engaging Girls in K-8 Computer Science

In module 1 of our DEL program class Digital Learning Environments, we are looking at ISTE Coaching Standard 3 “Technology coaches create and support effective digital age learning environments to maximize the learning of all students” (ISTE, 2011).  In this post I would like to explore how teachers can promote collaboration and cultural relevance in … Continue reading "Social Coding: Engaging Girls in K-8 Computer Science"