The Techducator’s Mission

Transformational leadership calls for a leader who inspires innovation and positive change. I look to the most influential transformational leader whom I know and came away with 3 core values which I shall adopt – integrity, responsibility, and humility.

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Leveraging Digital Tools for Instruction Outside the Classroom: Community Engagement Project, EDTC 6102

It’s been a wonderful opportunity to invest time and energy into a project which ultimately helps me do my job better.  Though I am not currently a classroom teacher and do not have typical instructional responsibilities in my day to day work, I do constantly convey important information about the WA State teacher certification process …

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Redefining “Teacher”

Who is a teacher? What is their role? Vocation, Profession, a mix of both? As thousands start the year online, face to face, or in various hybrid models, what is the new role of teachers …

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Reimagining A “Classroom” – A Global Collaborative Project

What is a Global Collaborative Project?

A global collaborative project is a project that students work together on, either during the process, or share between different communities to come up with a final product. 

In “5 Ways to Inspire St…

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Digital Tools in Assessment

During the last two weeks in my grad school program we have been working with ISTE standards as normal, however this time we moved into […]

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Using Virtual Realities to Individualize Learning

It’s the year 2020. As a child, I imagined this year being full of technological wonders such as flying cars and Star Trek level space […]

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Digital eLearning: A Journey In Progress

The Pre-College Institute Pathways Service Learning Tutors is an ever-evolving group of undergraduate students from San Diego State University, with over 120 service-learners this academic year the training on logistical systems and expectations takes up a large amount of my time. My first two semesters were full of preparing for the training, facilitating the training … Continue reading Digital eLearning: A Journey In Progress

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The Role of the Librarian in Facilitating Project Based Learning Experiences

Overview Being an English teacher, I have had the chance to work closely with my school librarian over my five years of teaching.  I somewhat selfishly… As technology brings changes to the learning environment, this also alters the roles educators play in how they guide students and facilitate learning experiences.  This changing role is particularly […]

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EDTC6016 Module 4 Resolution: Building Relationships Between Educators and Administrators on a Foundation of Trust

Overview What does a successful marriage, a first-time skydiver, and a educator/administrator relationship have in common?  They all rely on a foundation of trust. A marriage between a couple who lack trust in one another will likely end in divorce.  A skydiver who lacks trust in their instructor or equipment may plunge to their death. …

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Module 3 Resolution: Collaborative Learning Strategies for Professional Development

Overview After many conversations with educators and administrators, collaborations with my digital education leadership master’s cohort, a few months of pouring over professional development research, and reflections on my own experiences I can confidently say that most educator professional development opportunities are lacking in one way or another.  A few repeated sentiments include: most PD …

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