Conference Proposal Project – Video Conferencing in P.E.

We have been working on creating a proposal for a professional conference in EDTC6104 this quarter.  The presentation that I decided on is called Global Collaboration Using Video Conferencing in P.E.  I wanted to focus more on a physical education viewpoint when creating this project because I believe that physical education teachers are less likely to want to implement global collaboration projects.

In order to encourage active and engaged learning I have created a video introduction of my session that talks about what the session in general will cover as well as encourage participants to brainstorm in advance about what sort of projects or people in the community they could reach out to themselves.  Those who view the video will be responsible for sharing their ideas with the rest of the group.

The introduction video that I created was also set up to have closed captioning and I will show my participants that they can create closed captioning for their own videos and to keep in mind accessibility when creating asynchronous videos.

Pre-Assessment & Skype Interview

I have also created a online quiz, using Kahoot, for participants to take at the beginning of the workshop to determine the general direction I will take the presentation.  During the session I will additionally use think-pair-share activities to encourage discussion and collaboration.  A live skype session with an “expert” will take up a fair amount of time and those in the audience will be responsible for asking the expert questions just as if this was happening in a regular classroom.

This presentation will be linked to the ISTE standards (4 & 7) as well as the national P.E. standards (4).  They will be shown how to model global awareness and encourage collaboration using Skype, as well as promoting digital citizenship and responsibility.  Furthermore, they will be provided with a list of common misconceptions when working with a global collaboration type of project using technology in P.E. to encourage more teacher

Different Types of Video Conferencing

During the presentation they will be shown step-by-step how to set up a Skype account and the basics of how to navigate the program.  A comparison guide between different types of video conferencing programs will also be provided.  Participants will be given guidance on how to conduct a mystery skype session, shown classroom management techniques when using video conferencing, and the benefits and differences between asynchronous and synchronous projects.  

Additionally, they will be given different ideas (and will explore different ideas) for video conferencing projects as well as other online resources to help them create and manage their projects.

Here are my presentation handouts: (Having trouble embedding them)

Global Collaboration Handouts

Overall, I had a great time trying to put together this proposal.  It was challenging to come up with a way to incorporate video conferencing so that it would be approachable to other physical education teachers, but I definitely feel that it is a great way to encourage collaboration with other schools and it allows students to relate to physical education at a level outside of their own setting.

Here is a link to my PowerPoint presentation, which includes the descriptions shared above.

Global Collaboration Powerpoint

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