Peer Coach as Change Agent

What does it mean to be a peer coach? What does the ISTE Coaching Standard 1 mean by Change Agent? How does a peer coach embody these desired standards and traits? How can coaches navigate difficult conversations during a tumultuous time?

ISTE Coaching Standard 1 and its elements is listed in the image below. Based on the description and the elements, a change agent is an educator who embodies the innovative processes and invites colleagues to join in the process to achieve high-quality learning thinking processes.

That’s great! So, how exactly do you do this day to day? What does this look like in action?

Have a clear purpose.
What is the purpose in coaching? How will you coach? Why? What will your daily interactions look like? As a coach, having a clear personal directive will help guide the focus and intentionality of small interactions and conversations that can build a strong foundation for future conversations.

Be open and transparent.
While this is personally terrifying, being open and transparent as an example and also in interactions is important. Being honest about improving one’s own teaching practices, incorporating technology, and seeking to improve can help other staff be willing to explore and improve themselves.

Willing to have difficult conversations.
What does learning look like? How do students demonstrate proficiency? How do teachers assess proficiency? How can teachers engage in difficult conversations around learning? To help myself improve, this webinar hosted by Jennifer Abrams and the articles she has written are a valuable resource in how to engage and navigate hard conversations.

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