Validating Borrowed Text

Creating validity of online sources tends to be an issue for students and educators alike.  There are so many ways that writers can go astray if we do not take the time to evaluate our sources.  The first exposure I … Continue reading

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There are so many connotations of this word; including, but not limited to, an effect produced by an influence; a thought, idea, or opinion formed, or a remark made because of meditation; and consideration of some subject matter, idea, or … Continue reading

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Book Review: Windhall by Barry

Windhall : A Novel by Ava Barry My rating: 4 of 5 stars “Everyone loves a beautiful dead girl.” Windhall is a novel about Hollywood, how men treat women, fame, obsession, and Los Angeles. Hailey is an antisocial journalist at a counterculture zine turned blog (I think) in LA. He is obsessed with the decades-old…

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Teaching Creates Culture

The ways in which we teach and learn are, Jerome Bruner writes, “a major embodiment of a culture’s way of life, not just a preparation for it.” They are not just techniques for delivering curricular content. They are invitations to indwell the world in particular ways, to live within the long shadow of particular world-views…

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Frost Madness

As I sit in my office on campus for the first time since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is ironic to re-evaluate my Robert Frost poetry unit and create one that allows students to increase their digital literacy … Continue reading

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6th Grade English Extension Projects: Examining the Cultures & Monomyths

As a 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher using a paced curriculum for language arts, and Social Studies that examined ancient history, I needed a lesson that focused on practicing writing and revision skills, but allowed students to focus on understanding cultures. Further, the students with whom I

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The Andragogy of Heraclitus

In On Christian Teaching, author David I. Smith asks, “If teaching is a complex design process fitted to a context, what are the features of YOUR particular context that you should take into account as you plan?” In response to Smith’s prompt, I sat down and made a list of what it’s like to teach…

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Improving Reading Comprehension Skills in World Language

Introduction This is a ONE DAY, 1 hr lesson.  In this activity, students select reading material of their choice in the target language (Spanish). Traditionally, in the face-to-face classroom, students choose a book or reading material from the classroom library. Sometimes students may read independently, with a partner, or they have a choice. Students are […]

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Leveraging Digital Tools for Instruction Outside the Classroom: Community Engagement Project, EDTC 6102

It’s been a wonderful opportunity to invest time and energy into a project which ultimately helps me do my job better.  Though I am not currently a classroom teacher and do not have typical instructional responsibilities in my day to day work, I do constantly convey important information about the WA State teacher certification process …

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