Supporting Teachers Using (or Not Using) Assistive Technology


Performance indicator d) of ISTE Coaching Standard 3 calls for teacher leaders to select, evaluate, and facilitate the use of adaptive and assistive technologies to support student learning. In my school building, where I am a technology leader and gen. ed. classroom teacher, we have 3 intensive support classrooms with students of all ages and varying disabilities. I want to not only have a better understanding of the assistive technologies currently being used to support students, but I also want to be a resource for those students and teachers. Learning about what technologies they have in place now by reaching out to the Special Education department at my district is a priority. This will allow me to provide in-building support when using those resources, to ensure teachers don’t lose critical instructional time. The other way that I can be helpful is to have a toolbox of assistive technologies and tools on hand so that students’ needs can be met. Mainstream classroom teachers need to accommodate students with disabilities and special needs that may not have an IEP, so establishing this “toolbox” will be a win-win situation. Teachers take on the great challenge of providing learning opportunities in the general-education curriculum that are inclusive and effective for all students, and I feel compelled to support this cause. Using Google Docs, I have created a working go-to list of various students and needs and at least one effective tool to support their students with learning difficulties. This way I can share what I’ve discovered with colleagues so that they may add resources and ideas as well.  



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