21st Century Learning

My most recent digital adventures have me exploring 21st century skills–what are they and how can I use them in my instructional technology coaching relationships? There are several different models and definiteions out there to explain these critical competencies, but they all have essentially the same message:

The jobs that our students will have as adults probably don’t exist yet. The workforce is changing, so we must adjust our instruction to prepare our students accordingly. While still vitally relevant, we must look past basic content knowledge and extend further towards skills that can be applied in a society where systems and technologies are constantly changing.

The model for 21st century learning that I found to be most accessible and applicable was created by Thoughtful Learning. Here I have summarized their description in an infographic using Piktochart.



This resource will be incredible helpful as I continue to teach in my own classroom, but I will also be able to utilize this model as a checklist to formatively assess the effectiveness of the learning activities my coaching partners are designing as well. If I were to present That is not to say that I would print out a checklist and give an evaluative score on a lesson created by a highly respected colleague, but rather I can use this tool as a reference guide to develop probing questions and offer constructive feedback. I do believe these skills are important and absolutely necessary for our students to succeed, so I am prepared to advocate for integrating these competencies in every classroom I come in contact with.

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