Global Collaborative Project Reflection | EDTC 6103

Fourth grade students in classrooms across the country experienced the power of descriptive writing and collaborating through the Monster Exchange Project! This unit was part of a Global Collaboration Project (GCP) for my EDTC 6103 course which focused on giving students the opportunity to share their work and collaborate outside of the classroom. Global Collaborative Projects help students become connected learners and provide them with authentic opportunities to learn from other people and experiences. This was my first experience with a GCP, and this project came during my transition from being a classroom teacher to working in higher education. I loved participating in the project for many reasons, including being able to partner with my sister’s fourth grade classroom in Arizona, and look forward to applying the concept and steps of a GCP to my work as an Educational Technologist at the University of Puget Sound. Specific details of the project and an outline of my project proposal are available, but I wanted to do a less formal reflection using Swivl to capture my thoughts on the successes and insight gained as a result of this project.

Both classrooms where invited to participate in the Monster Exchange Project through the following invitation:

From there, I documented my process through the steps of the GCP, from Design to Reflection, using Timeline JS:

I decided to create a recording of my reflection on this process and what I learned using Swivl (which is a tool I need to learn more about- two birds! Though I wish I could change the current image of my face to something slightly more flattering).

While I was disappointed that my loftier vision for this project did not come to fruition, I’m grateful for the learning experience and new insight into both Global Collaborative Projects and my new role as an Educational Technologist.



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