Modeling Digital Age Work & Learning – Reflection

ISTE 3 & My Global Collaboration Project

I decided to do something different this time and record a short video explaining my Global Collaboration Project and how it connects with ISTE Teaching Standard 3.  I’m excited to see how this project will turn out.

Digital Communication Tool – A Review

My school district has been mainly pushing the use of a program called SWIFT.  SWIFT is   basically a website platform that is linked to our district’s network that teachers can create for students and parents to access pertinent information.  I like that this tool is just a website so it’s fairly easy for parents and students to navigate (as long as the teacher has laid out the info well) and a variety of information can be added to it.

However, in general, I feel that creating a SWIFT site is not a simple task and if a teacher doesn’t have basic knowledge of building websites then it would be a barrier from them even being created in the first place.  I think that there are other digital tools out there that are much more user-friendly and would be more accessible for teachers, thus making information more readily available to students.  Using SWIFT sites seem to be on the way out in my district so we will see what other tools will start becoming more used.  I did notice that there is Edmodo, a communication platform, linked to the website, but I’m not sure how wide-spread its usage is.

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