Blended Learning: What Works

As I am working through the capstone project for my Master of Education in Digital Leadership, the following phrases from ISTE Coaching Standard 2b kept nagging at me: “technology-enhanced…research-based…learner-centered”

Tennessee Department of Education’s 2016-2017 Blended Learning Pilot Report

“The task force defined blended learning as the combination of strong human teaching strategies and technology-based teaching strategies fused together to strategically personalize learning for students. Blended learning includes the use of computers and other devices as instructional tools, video, and online sites for practice. A blended learning environment also allows students to control some of what they learn. The task force believed that the deliberate, measured incorporation of technology into the classroom would create a scenario where teachers could leverage the increased student ownership provided by blended learning to differentiate instruction and focus on those students who need the most support.”

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