Jeff Birdsong 2022-05-31 00:03:21

“I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough…” I’ve always been a big fan of Saturday Night Live; some seasons more than

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“In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data”

The title of my post is from W. Edwards Deming, and while Deming was referring to the business world, we

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Feedback for Flourishing

Many years ago, I worked in a factory that made potato chips. My job, though, was in the packaging department,

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Lifelong Learners

   Lifelong learners. That’s a basic mentality important for all of us. I know it is hard to tell that

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Six Degrees of Professional Development

Many years ago, a play called “Six Degrees of Separation” so titled because of a theory popularized in a story

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Can I Speak Freely?

We all have different ways of expressing ourselves. Some choose to fashion, dressing in various ways that stand out. Others

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I’m On It!

For the past few posts I’ve written, I feel they were more about relationships with colleagues or relationships between coaches

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Build Me Up (Buttercup)!

     Usually, I would share a story to build on my reason for my post this week. I won’t

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