Build Me Up (Buttercup)!

     Usually, I would share a story to build on my reason for my post this week. I won’t

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How can a technology integration framework help educators find the most suitable digital learning tools and content for their unique teaching context?

Professional development for educators can take many forms. One kind of professional development is the creation of a coach/educator partnership, where communication and collaboration takes place over a period of time. This model is consistent with ISTE standard for coaches 3b which states “Partner with educators to identify digital learning content that is culturaly relevant, […]

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The Mind’s Playground

  I would consider myself a creative person, at least in my head. I can conjure up some great stuff in

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Custom Tailored Tech

When I was working on my undergraduate degree, I, like everyone, had to take electives. As an English major, my

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I have used CANVAS as a student in several college classes, but I have not used it as a teacher in a Spanish high school class. This school year, when teachers had to teach remotely, the school district where I worked adopted CANVAS as the one and only LMS. Before the pandemic, each teacher was […]

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