Growth versus Fixed: Mindsets Matter

Think of yourself as a learner.  How did you get to where you are right now?  What belief system helped you get there?  Or what belief system adversely impacted your journey in getting where you want to be? In 2006, Carol Dweck, an Ameri…

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From Theory to Practice

I personally enjoy curriculum design, and the DEL program, especially the Digital Learning EDTC 6102 class has prepared me and inspired me to update my old lessons with ISTE standards, following the Understanding by Design Framework. Project Description The objective of this project is to create a World Language course that will transform the learning […]

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“There’s a tool for that!”

As a teacher, the words optimal, effective, most suitable, best, efficient, maximum and greatest often catch my attention.  I have discovered early in my career that time is of the essence. Time is something that I always need, and most often, not…

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Promoting Student Agency Using Technology

In the year 2014-15, the US Department of Education reports that there were 4.8 million English language learners (ELLs) in the K-12 population across the country ( Students identified …

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What is the role of service learning in developing global collaborator skills?

Service Learning Service-learning is an approach to teaching that connects students to their communities (Fitzgerald, 1997) with the purpose of making a positive contribution. Vanderbilt University defines service learning as “a form of experiential ed…

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“In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data”

The title of my post is from W. Edwards Deming, and while Deming was referring to the business world, we

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Feedback for Flourishing

Many years ago, I worked in a factory that made potato chips. My job, though, was in the packaging department,

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Lifelong Learners

   Lifelong learners. That’s a basic mentality important for all of us. I know it is hard to tell that

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Six Degrees of Professional Development

Many years ago, a play called “Six Degrees of Separation” so titled because of a theory popularized in a story

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Can I Speak Freely?

We all have different ways of expressing ourselves. Some choose to fashion, dressing in various ways that stand out. Others

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