Digital Readiness Project

For my Digital Readiness Project through the SPU Digital Education Leadership (DEL) program, I was able to connect and collaborate with the librarian and digital leader at the school I work with.  I proposed a set of questions for her to answer and then communicated my thinking in response to her answers. From there, we used a new digital platform for both of us as a way to house our thoughts and continue our reflections as the school year progress.  Throughout this project, it became very clear that this was a collaboration that will continue from this year and beyond.  She is a digital education leader in training for the school district and after connecting over this project, she invited me to a Professional Development Training later in the year.  This has been a unique and special opportunity to connect in a way that would not have occurred as quickly considering I am new at the school and she is only there part-time.  This project initiated an opportunity to have conversation around a topic we are both passionate about and very much aligned with in regards to philosophy and vision yet may not have had the time to discover as early on with the hectic nature of public school education. Below you will see the image I created that shows the ideas we fill most important as digital educators and future leaders. In addition, there is a picture of our on-going collaboration via the stormboard tool that is available online.

It is very exciting to know that this project will live on in a very real and collaborative way as I continue my journey into learning about about digital education and having a collaborative partner within my school environment will be inspiring and motiving.

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