Soliciting and Providing Feedback through Peer Coaching Experiences


At the start of the quarter,

Triggering Question: How can a peer coach effectively self-assess and gather feedback from others in order to grow as a coach and ensure that the feedback is accurate?

For my final blog post of the quarter, I chose to combine my exploration of how to best gather and share feedback in peer coaching with the resolution to my peer coaching experience.

Feedback vs. Evaluation

The infographic below represents the difference between feedback and evaluations. I thought that it was important to distinguish between these two terms before looking further at the place for feedback and evaluation in peer coaching opportunities. It appears feedback is much more effective at encouraging growth, and is therefore more appropriate in peer coaching.  Evaluations, while useful in determining areas of growth, are best suited for conversations between administrators and individual teachers.

Feedback in Peer Coaching

Question from Liz: Would you use this type of evaluation/feedback to plan PD for coaches or to collect data to advocate for adopting a peer coaching practice at the school/district level? What do you hope to learn from the feedback and how will you share it and who with?

  1. Conversation between the coach and the learners.
  2. Feedback form to be completed during, rather than after, the peer coaching session.
  3. Conversation between the coach and administrators.
  4. Conversation between the coach and other instructional coaches.

Reflection on My Peer Coaching Experiences

Future Inquiries


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