EDTC-6106 How Can Principals Advocate for Technology Initiatives & PD?

This week we are discussing the role of administrators in professional development with a specific focus on technology. Coaching Standard 4: Professional Development and Program Evaluation: Design, develop and implement technology rich professional learning programs that model principles of adult learning and promote digital age best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment. (ISTE, 2014)

  • Triggering Event Initial Question: What role should administrators play in professional learning programs and how do we advocate for their involvement and adequate professional learning support for technology-based learning initiatives?
  • My Triggering Question: How and in what ways can principles advocate for learning support in professional development as well as technology-based learning initiatives?

From my own experience working in schools I realized that principals had to seek out and advocate for professional development and learning initiatives. However, before starting this program I paid little attention to how technology was being advocated for or shaped in my building. Through my research for this module, I have discovered that principals have a variety of ways that they can further initiatives in their building and district and it’s up to individuals to decide how and in what way they want to advocate for technology.

What and How Should Principals Advocate?


According to the article, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech Leading Principals, there are seven habits that principals can do to help lead tech in their building. The article has some great examples, but habit five specifically talks about advocating for funding for initiatives. (Demsky, 2012)

Often, it’s hard to find funding for technology initiatives or professional development and principals have to be creative in looking for funding or re-allocating the uses for it.  Adequate funding is an important building block for progress and once that is resolved technology leadership can be explored further.

I’ve also included a YouTube video below if you wish to know more about funding and educational technology in general.

Strategic Planning

The Department of Education talks about that there needs to be clear planning meeting the state, district, university and school levels regarding technology and how to support learning.  Principals are a part of this equation and should be a part of the conversation to help bring about change.  Conferences are a great way to get started at this broader level. (Department of Education, 2015)


  • Attend Conferences & Training – Become a leader in the state technology associations or attend conferences to become more knowledgeable and able to advocate more effectively in their individual school, district, or state.
  • Present Sessions – Alternatively, principals can present sessions at a conference or training which will help to further their knowledge in a deeper way. (Corwin, 2011)

I believe if principals are up to date on best practices and the latest in technology development in schools, then they will be able to provide more effective professional development programs for teachers. Additionally, by advocating for the best support, integration will be that much more influential in creating change in classrooms making a lasting impact for students.


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