It’s Common Sense



This quarter, our cohort was asked to individually create professional project proposals that would be submitted to the conference of our choice. When I first saw this, I felt intimidated. Not only had I never presented at a conference, but at first I felt unsure about what I could possibly be knowledgeable enough about to share with others. However, if I have come to any conclusion in this program, it is the roll with the unsure. Upon some more reflection, I gave myself a little more credit.There’s already so much I have learned in the DEL program at SPU. Among all of them, I feel the most passionate about Digital Citizenship.

I have spent the past year becoming familiar with Common Sense Media’s digital citizenship curriculum, completing their certification and integrating digital citizenship lessons into a kindergarten classroom. It has been an amazing learning experience for me as a teacher, but even more amazing to see what my students can do even at such a young age. It is crucial to mold well rounded digital citizens in our classrooms, and even more so to begin building the foundation at an early age. I am a strong advocate for this, and will take any opportunity to educate others.

As I started to create a project proposal about Common Sense Media and it’s digital citizenship lessons, I realized that another person in my cohort, Liz Ebersole, was developing something really similar. She had designed a workshop for her school that helped teachers integrate common sense curriculum into existing academic curriculum. I thought this was a really great component that I hadn’t thought to touch on. I connected with her, and we realized that we would work really well together. We plan to submit out workshop proposal to the NCCE conference in March.

Check out the link below to our project proposal: Integrating Digital Citizenship: It’s Common Sense!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.06.56 PM

After we had constructed and revised all three phases of our project, it was time to reflect. During the quarter one of our readings was an EdSurge article about the 5 things teachers are looking to get out of a PD. We connected our reflection to these 5 components. Please enjoy the video below!

So far this has been a really great learning experience. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with an amazing peer to create something that we both strongly believe in. If our workshop gets accepted, we are both excited to get the chance to present in the future. We look forward to adding a follow up reflection in addition to what we have created!

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