Because Technology I Love learning

I was just look like him 30 years ago.

As a Dyslexic person, traditional Asian school learning style has always been an obstacle to my learning. By God’s mercy, He prepared the best opportunity for me to finish my bachelor’s degree in the United States. It was a hard and long journey, but an enjoyable experience and opportunity to taste the true air of freedom to learn. It was a journey full of His grace that led me to become what God Intended and answer my calling.

        I never thought about being a teacher, but I am always interested in finding out if there are ways to help people increase the accuracy and effectiveness in learning that is both fun and exciting. Especially for those students who have Special Education Needs (S.E.N.), like myself. In my primary and secondary school experience in Hong Kong, it was unable to provide an open platform for me to compete with the regular students. In the United States, it was the first time I had all the needed accommodations; I can use screen reading software, audiobooks, spell check, and all the tools to remove obstacles for me to absorb knowledge. All of that was useful and helpful, but there is still room for improvement and localization to better support Special Education Needs students. From that day, I always had a calling in my heart, ‘if someday I can create products that can help Asia or Chinese language Special Education Needs students.’

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