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There is no right answer, but there are always have better ways to solve the problems. (https://leadership.hr.ufl.edu/, 2017) It could be one of the key reasons. That leads humans to learn continuously, move forward, and continue to improve. It also the foundation of critical thinking. With the rapid development of technology, our students have entered a post-digital age. In the future, the requirements for their skills in the workplace will increase significantly. Those type of work tends to find solutions for customers or society. Work changed from a single goal in the past to a diversified and project-oriented. Reference information from some websites on human resources and business development (for example Indeed, and Forbes)More and more employers require and expect job applicants and their employees to possess and improve the ability to solve problems and leadership. Critical thinking is one of the indispensable elements of these two skills. As an educator, how can students develop and improve their Critical thinking abilities and skills during their studies? And what assistance can the current digital technology tools provide? Is a topic that this article hopes to explore.

A Systematic Process for Critical Thinking 

Many schools will use project bass learning (PBL) to let students have a group team project model in different disciplines. Students can learn to build teams, communicate in groups, and design some solutions. I will not spend time on time (PBL). How students use a systematic process for problem solving requires Critical Thinking in (PBL) is my main focus.  

I tried to use a system provided by the University of Florida Leadership H.R Center. Because they provide easy steps and clear division of roles, it is easier for students to follow the steps. Here is their website https://leadership.hr.ufl.edu/.

According to the University of Florida system, six steps are: (https://leadership.hr.ufl.edu/, 2017)

  1. Interpretation
  2. Analysis
  3. Inference
  4. Evaluation
  5. Explanation
  6. self-regulation 

And between Inference and Evaluation should have a break for reflection. 

It also suggests roles for problem solving:

(https://leadership.hr.ufl.edu/, 2017)

  1. Team Lead
  2. Facilitator
  3. Timekeeper
  4. Note-taker

Teachers can use a discussion session in the PBL assignment allowing students to take turns in different positions.

Image success from A systematic process for critical thinking 2017., Create & communicate vision, https://leadership.hr.ufl.edu/

Digital Advantage:

For the past year, everyone has experienced that online classes under pandemic. Online teaching may have difficulties for PBL. However, at the same time, if they can cooperate with appropriate digital technology, and those obstacles can be removed, and some digital tools can help them (some tools that will have the opportunity to be used in their careers in the future). Their imagination and creativity are limitless. The question is how to help them exert.

In the business round, project management software has been using for a long time. However, it was hard to use and expensive. Thanks to cloud technology, the price is most friendly. Teachers and students can be easy to learn how to use project management like Asana and Monday to manage and keep updates and post with their team members. Teachers can also follow up on the progress of students in PBL. Through the system and provide advice and support.

Integrating Systematic Critical Thinking and Project Management tool:

Of course, teachers can encourage students to think systematically and critically in any part of the PBL process. The project management software can help students manage the project time, improve the efficiency of each step. Also, students can understand the progress and problems of other students through the system. Helping each other and establish team communication.

But I suggest that teachers consider strengthening to encourage students to conduct systematic critical thinking meetings and use project management software for follow-up and management in the following two situations.

  1. Finding a solution
  2. Crisis or risk management

Believe that these two situations can make critical thinking training more fun and practical. And the project management software is used to assist students in communication so that students can feel that following the system and good plans can be more successful and efficiently complete the project.


A systematic process for critical thinking 2017., Create & communicate vision, https://leadership.hr.ufl.edu/





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