From dipping a toe in, to full on cannonball: A reflection of my learning

I refer to “dipping” my toe in the water above, because to me this is what my first few days of this spring quarter felt like. As usual, I was a little unsure of my actions and slightly doubtful of my skills and abilities. But, just like a lake that hasn’t quite had the chance to warm up yet in the beginning of the summer, I was willing to test out the waters with the knowledge that I would soon be flopping in with the full intention of submersion.If there is one huge takeaway that I could pull from the large group of “positives” I have encountered since beginning my journey into the DEL program at SPU, it would be that I have learned to acknowledge being uncomfortable, accept it and roll with it. It is such a liberating feeling at the end of a project that I began feeling slightly overwhelmed, to look at the product I created and say to myself “Hmm, that wasn’t so bad.”

A couple of months ago, I came in with two quarters of new knowledge and I was excited for more. My strengths were that I was willing to try anything, and that I was always open to suggestions, collaboration and help. As a cohort, we continued to follow a format of learning that we were familiar with. We investigated ISTE standards, developed our own triggering question, searched for a resource to help answer the question, shared the resource amongst our peers and finally developed a resolution. This is the area where I sense the most personal growth. When we submitted triggering questions during the previous quarter, I lacked confidence and I was worried about what I produced and whether it was what my professors and peers for looking for. I ended this quarter feeling more confident posing triggering questions that really applied to what I was doing professionally and learning educationally. I could honestly research a resource and implement it the next day in the classroom, and there were a few instances where I did. My technological talents grew immensely by producing module resolutions through different resources. I searched for different and new ways to showcase my knowledge. At first it felt like I was taking on way too much, but in the end I was always happy with what I had created.

Right away, I can identify the area where I intend on improving in the quarters to come. I need to be better at managing my resources. So far, I have not attempted to save, organize or import the articles and readings we are using into one accessible source. I have created many accounts in order to produce resolutions, but I haven’t had the time to record that information (i.e. logins, passwords, etc.) or save and collect my finish products. I intend to find a good resource to begin storing articles. I know that my peers have mentioned some in the past, but I haven’t come away with any. I also need to create some sort of spreadsheet to keeps logins straight, and create a file of finished resolution products.I look forward to having all of these things easily at my disposal someday soon!
ISTE coaching standard two emphasizes that coaches will help assist teachers effectively create student learning experiences using technology. This includes engagement, differentiation and assessment. Keeping this in mind, I intend to empower my peers and colleagues the best way that I know how at this point, through advocacy and promotion. I intend to advocate the resources I am discovering, and those that my peers are discovering, to my colleagues. I will constantly promote the importance of what we are doing. Most importantly, I will model this. I will jump at any chance I have to share my learning with others. For some people that is all they need. When they see something that seems scary modeled to them in real time, it suddenly seems very realistic and possible. Overall, I will continue to build my knowledge, take advantage of any and all opportunities to learn, grow and model and I will keep adding valuable tools and resources to my ever growing digital “tool belt.” I can’t wait to see what that looks like.

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