Lord, teach us teachers to pray.

David I. Smith’s On Christian Teaching continues to challenge me. It challenges me both as a professor and as a person of faith. That’s the sign of a good book! This post invites you to join me in the challenge of teaching authentically. I’m exploring the specific idea of prayer in class, but the heart…

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My Introduction to Adult Learning

When you’re a teacher one of the most important factors to consider in the practice is your learners. What is best for them? How can […]

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Helping Teachers Increase Technology Fluency

What can digital learning coaches do to help teachers increase technology fluency while reducing anxiety associated with learning the technology? This past week I began the transition to a new position in a new school district. The changes are immense and plentiful. Big changes: Learning a new-to-me computer operating system; getting used to sharing a small office from […]

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