Peer Coaching – A Community Engagement Project

For our community engagement project this quarter in EDTC 6105, my cohort members and I were worked with coaching partners to develop peer coaching relationships. Through these peer coaching relationships, the goal was to collaborate with a coaching partner to improve a lesson of their choice. In order for this coaching partnership to be successful,…

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Reflections on Peer Coaching

My Take Aways

This quarter has been very formative and has expanded my thoughts about coaching. Here are some of my big take-aways: 

First and foremost, take time to develop relationships. Just like in a classroom, you won’t make much headwa…

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Learning to Navigate the Many Roles of a Peer Coach

It’s the fall of 2020 and this quarter for my EDTC 6105 course in the Digital Education Leadership program at Seattle Pacific University we are focusing on peer coaching. For this first blog post my focus is on ISTE Coaching … Continue reading

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