Professional Learning Facilitator

ISTE standard for Coaches 4.5, The Professional Learning Facilitator, states: “Coaches plan, provide, and evaluate the impact of professional learning for educators and leaders to use technology to advance teaching and learning.” Performance indicators: 4.5.a. Design professional learning based on needs assessments and frameworks for working with adults to support their cultural, social-emotional and learning […]

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Data-Driven Decision-Maker

Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo on ISTE standard for Coaches 4.6, The Data-Driven Decision-Maker, states: “Coaches model and support the use of qualitative and quantitative data to inform their own instruction and professional learning.” Performance indicators: 4.6.a. Assist educators and leaders in securely collecting and analyzing student data. 4.6.b. Support educators to interpret qualitative and […]

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Chasing Rabbits on VoiceThread

We’ve all had it happen – a class discussion gets thrown way off schedule by a “rabbit trail” – an unexpected path for a conversation that leads somewhere other than we wanted (or even needed) the conversation to go. This is obviously a problem in live, in-person courses. However, I don’t think it is necessarily…

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MasteryPaths provide environments that accommodate learner variability, and foster learner-driven activities.

Traditionally, curriculum and course modules have consisted of a linear path that all students follow. This linear path to learning is especially true and prevalent in face-to-face lecture style classrooms, where all students are presented with the same content at the same time. Even online, many courses continue to follow a linear path where all […]

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Leveraging Canvas’ New Analytics Tools for Professors

I’ve been professoring online since 2018, primarily on Canvas LMS. However, I have to admit that I’ve ignored many of Canvas’ built-in tools. Three years in, it’s probably time to start leveraging Canvas’ LMS New Analytics tools to better serve my students. ISTE Standard for Educators 7: Analyst ISTE Standard for Educators #7 advocates for…

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Using Canvas Analytics to Support Student Success

Though online teaching/learning are hardly new concepts in education, the pandemic has necessitated a massive shift to online learning such that educators worldwide–at all levels–have had to engage with online learning in new, immersive ways.  Online learning can take many forms (synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, hyflex, etc.), but regardless of the form, educators with access to …

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Displaying Cultural Literacies in Canvas LMS

The Problem – My Assignment Fell Flat! All of us professors have had it happen. We work hours and hours to create The Perfect Assignment™. We pour in our anxious hearts and troubled souls, doing our best to enrich students’ lives. Instead of enraptured students’ insights, we hear crickets. What went wrong? What happens sometimes…

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I have used CANVAS as a student in several college classes, but I have not used it as a teacher in a Spanish high school class. This school year, when teachers had to teach remotely, the school district where I worked adopted CANVAS as the one and only LMS. Before the pandemic, each teacher was […]

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Making Meaningful and Engaging Online Discussion Questions

While the online classroom may be a new learning environment for many students and professors, certain truths remain the same no matter the medium. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that relationships are key to learning. Student – professor communication is important, but so too is student-student communication. One of the best ways…

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Equipping Adult Online Learners to Creatively Demonstrate Mastery

We’r only a few weeks into 2021, but it’s already been a year of academic growth and exploration. With exploration often comes a sense of being lost, and that’s where I am right now, ha ha! Hence, the map image below: Maybe y’all can help me out. As a graduate professor and simultaneously as a […]

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