The Mind’s Playground

  I would consider myself a creative person, at least in my head. I can conjure up some great stuff in

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Utilizing Digital Licenses to Engage Learners in Using Seesaw – A Community Engagement Project

For the final project of my EDTC 6104 course this summer, my cohort members and I were tasked with developing and submitting a conference session proposal for a professional learning opportunity. Within this professional learning opportunity, we needed to identify how this training connected to ISTE Coaching Standard 3. As I reflected on the indicators…

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Digital Classroom Commons

Online classroom spaces that enable students and teachers to interact in creative and adaptive ways are making their way to the K-8 level. Young students can use these spaces to access differentiated lessons and show their understanding in ways that we…

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Social Media PD for a 21st Century Classroom

EDTC 6106 Module 3 Promoting Responsible Social Media Use I remember 11 years ago getting a panicked phone call from a friend, asking for legal advice regarding something that happened while substitute teaching.  We both subbed in the same small district, and I was familiar with the schools, staff, etc.  She had been falsely accused …

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Community Engagement Project – EDTC 6104

Increasing Family Engagement Through Digital Portfolios This summer I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone.  In my own building, I worked as the Site Coordinator for summer school, my first time truly managing other staff and being in charge of a building.  With my Masters program through SPU, I’ve submitted my first proposal to a … Continue reading “Community Engagement Project – EDTC 6104”

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